Osteopathic Treatments In New Town

A holistic and natural approach to pain, injuries and discomfort. Since 2005, New Town Osteopathy has helped patients select the osteopathic treatment that complements their lifestyle, habits and needs. Stuart is committed to understanding each patient’s problems and finding them a solution.

Individual Consultation

Finding the right method of osteopathic treatment to suit each individual is a priority at New Town Osteopathy. We achieve this through an initial one-on-one consultation which comprises the taking of a detailed case history and a thorough physical exam.

A comprehensive consultation is an essential step in helping to design the optimum individualized treatment plan for your benefit.

Osteopathic consultation in New Town

A More Inclusive Approach to Pain Relief

Osteopathy has been used since the mid nineteenth century and is a proven approach to rehabilitation and a healthy lifestyle.

Stuart is a fully-accredited practitioner offering osteopathic treatments at New Town's most attractive and relaxed clinic. We focus on exercise, posture, diet and gentle osteopathic techniques.

Osteopathic treatment on the neck in New Town

Healthy Well-being

Osteopathic treatments aren’t just for injuries and pain relief. An osteopath may assess your well-being and offer suggestions for a more positive and healthier lifestyle.

We can help people of the ages of 5 years and older.

Osteopathic treatment on the spine
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